Retirement Preparedness

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Personal Retirement Action Plan Outline Organizer
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Every Retirement Plan needs to start somewhere! When our clients come to us for Comprehensive Retirement Planning, the first thing we have them do is complete their own Retirement Lifestyle Planning Organizer. This simple but powerful workbook is designed to help you collect and organize the information needed to develop your Personal Retirement Action Plan (P-RAP). Your P-RAP will examine your needs, wants and wishes as well as the resources available to fund them. Once you complete this workbook, you will have a much better grasp of your personal retirement goals and insight into whether you have the financial resources to make them a reality. It might seem like tedious work, but completing your P-RAP is the important first step in taking charge of your future and laying the foundation for your retirement.

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Riskalyze Risk Analysis Survey

Riskalyze uses Nobel Prize-winning research to assess the willingness of investors to tolerate portfolio risk. When your investment portfolio is riskier than your actual risk tolerance, you may experience larger-than-expected investment losses that could seriously impact your current or future retirement lifestyle. You might be surprised by your risk number!

Financial Literacy Test for Pre-Retirees

Understanding issues such as when is the best time to retire, how to maximize Social Security and employer-provided benefits, and how much can be safely withdrawn from a portfolio are all critical to a secure retirement. The American College 2017 RICP® Retirement Income Survey tested the knowledge of those age 60 to 75 about a range of retirement income topics by asking respondents 38 quiz questions. Only 26% passed the test and the average score was only 47% correct.

Click above to see how you do, and to learn something new about retirement income planning. If you want to know more about the survey, read the full report here.

NextPhaseTM Income Planning

Explore Retirement Income Planning

We strive to create predictable and risk-controlled income for our retired clients to always let them know that their lifestyle needs will be met at any point in their Retirement Action Plan. Through NextPhaseTM Income Planning, we can easily design multiple "buckets" of income weighted by investment risk and retirement lifestyle needs, both current and future. The result: Less guess-work and greater structure, as every income-earning asset is assigned to a specific current or future goal.

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