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Olga Ovnanyan, CPA Tax Planning Consultant 

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Olga Ovnanyan has been in public accounting since 1995. After graduating from DePaul University, Olga received her CPA and served as a staff auditor for BDO. In 1999, Olga joined Deloitte, one of the four largest companies in the world. Some of Olga's areas of concentration include consulting and planning work for high net worth individuals and estate planning. Olga has served clients such as Aetna Insurance Company, Hollywood Casinos and BP, and has spent significant time working with U.S. individuals living abroad and on U.S. taxation of resident/nonresident aliens.

Olga has had more than 21 years of experience in all phases of public accounting. She provides accounting, tax and advisory services for businesses, business investors and high net worth individuals. Olga also specializes in business and personal tax planning utilizing tax strategies to promote business and help her clients achieve their goals.

Olga has had experience in the areas of accounting and tax, serving a wide range of clients, primarily entrepreneurial businesses and individuals. She is familiar with manufacturing, wholesale, and retail, as well as with the medical, legal and real estate industries.

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