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The cornerstone of our work is The Personal Retirement Action Plan, (P-RAP for short). The P-RAP is a multi-faceted nest-egg optimizing plan that prescribes a course of action across virtually every area of Retirement Planning in a fashion completely unique to your situation and lifestyle goals. Your P-RAP is built with the planning modules below:

Financial Planning

  • Flat-fee financial planning
  • Identifying "What's missing" from your current financial plan
  • Reducing hidden mutual fund costs
  • Roth conversion analysis
  • 401(k) to IRA benefits
  • Leaving a legacy for your loved ones
  • Reducing future estate taxes
  • Social Security claiming strategies
  • Long-term care protection
  • Charitable gifting strategies

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Retirement Income Planning

  • Tailored "Bucket-Model"Retirement Income Solutions
  • Measuring the probability of your retirement success
  • Creating your Retirement Income Plan
  • Quantifying your Retirement Income Gap
  • Closing your Retirement Income Gap
  • Investments to potentially generate retirement income
  • Tax-free IRA distributions

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Tax Planning

  • CPA Larry Brown brings almost 30 years of tax-planning experience to the table and carries the honor of being the highest-scoring CPA in Illinois
  • Potentially reducing or eliminating federal income taxes through investment planning
  • In-house tax return preparation

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Medicare Optimizing Strategies

  • Medicare expert Daniel Bondinell has focused solely on Medicare Planning since 2010 with special attention to how it fits into a comprehensive retirement plan
  • Translating complicated Medicare codes into easy-to-read options for you and your spouse
  • Finding the most cost-effective supplemental policies for your drug plans and Advantage Plans

Estate Planning

  • In-house Estate Planning Attorney Gregory P. Turza, J.D. specializes in Estate Planning Law and has helped hundreds of PFS clients avoid unforeseen legacy disasters.
  • Living Trust Planning
  • Protecting your family's inheritance from probate or unintended beneficiaries
  • Shielding assets from lawsuits and creditors

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