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  • Thu

    Making Sense of the Market - The 2020 Trends Investors Need to Understand and Why

    4:00 PM, 5:00 PMPFS Webcast - Online Event

    The world has changed, very quickly - and few people truly understand the scope of it. "Irrational" events in the Stock market are given frequent press, but not enough is being said about how private investors can be prepared for them. Tune into our LIVE webcast this Thursday October 15 at 4:00 PM and let us equip you with the resources you need to make smart, calm, big-picture financial decisions and protect your nest egg against the seen and unseen obstacles of these challenging times. Hosted by Les Goldstein, Founder and President of of PFS Wealth Management and Rob Geller, Chief Portfolio Strategist and VP.

    With conflict and uncertainty reaching well beyond the realm of the stock market, we want to help give families the most powerful and effective advice we that we can to keep you on-track with your retirement goals. We believe this is the time for families like you to start asking critical questions about your portfolio, both of yourselves and your financial advisors:

    1. "How much more risk have these changes made my current retirement portfolio assume?"
    2. If the market returns to a "new normal" that is different from what I've come to expect, will I be comfortable allowing my ideas about investing to evolve? What new strategies might work to better protect my portfolio?
    3. In a world of loud opinions and polarization, what are the least-biased sources of investment data or trustworthy analytical institutions? What resources does my financial advisor use when making investment decisions on my behalf?

    We will share what we are doing now in the world of investment portfolio management - striving to protect capital and “play defense” when needed. Our active management strategy has been shaped and re-shaped by over 3 decades of experience in meeting our clients' income needs regardless of all the economic "curveballs" that history has thrown. Yes, these are absolutely challenging times, but PFS wants to remind our clients that the sky isn't falling! History should continue to teach us that in times like these, cooler heads and determined characters will be be ones most likely to prevail .