Educational Seminars & Client Events

  • Thu
    6:00 pm626 Busse Highway Park Ridge, IL 60068


    In today's world, a Will is no longer enough for the protection of your wealth and property. The wealth your children inherit from you may be lost to their creditors, lawsuits, overbearing spouses, divorces, in-laws, or bankruptcies without proper planning. A poorly written plan may disinherit grandchildren when a child dies. Your wealth may go to your in-laws instead of your family. Unexpected taxes might eat into your gift, wiping out much of what you wanted to leave behind. Join us at our office classroom on March 14ᵗʰ to learn what steps you can take right now to safeguard your family from these often unexpected claims to your estate.

    We will cover topics such as:

    • Probate minimization/elimination
    • Keeping your estate plan private
    • Protecting your children's and grandchildren's inheritance from spousal claims
    • Predator, creditor, and IRS protection for your heirs
    • Proper multi-generational legacy planning to preserve inheritance - the way you want it used
    • Using Irrevocable Living Trusts to create tax-free legacy life insurance with your IRA
    • Estate tax reduction

    Our guest lecturer Gregory P Turza, J.D. has 25 years of practice exclusively in the field of Estate Planning and is the author of "Who Took My Inheritance", available on his website at

  • Thu
    6:00 pm626 Busse Highway Park Ridge, IL 60068


    Medicare is an often convoluted subject, hidden behind ever-changing laws and politically-fueled agendas. However with expert advice, an optimized Medicare plan can substantially decrease medical spending in retirement, releasing more of your wealth to be used for growth-oriented investing or other retirement goals. Join us Thursday May 16th to learn how.