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Daniel Bondinell Medicare Consultant

Phone: 773.849.9933

Daniel Bondinell is a Medicare expert with a passion for helping people age 65 and older understand and navigate our country’s ever-changing and confusing health care system. Daniel got his start with American Express Financial Advisors in 2003 and then joined New York Life as a financial planner. Over the years, Daniel has worked with hundreds of clients in the many areas of insurance and financial planning.

Since 2010, Daniel has focused his efforts solely in the area of Medicare planning. He brings comprehensive knowledge of Medicare, Medigap and supplemental policies, including prescription drug plans and Advantage plans under Medicare. Daniel frequently consults with financial advisors on the many Medicare planning choices available to their clients.

Daniel works as an independent Medicare insurance advisor, representing many of the major insurance companies. His goal is to make sure that the individuals he works with have the information they need to make informed decisions about their Medicare coverage.

Daniel and his wife, Janice, reside in Schaumburg, Illinois, with their three children. When he isn’t chasing his kids through Target or building Medicare plans for clients, Daniel enjoys golfing, tinkering with computers and being his family’s unpaid home mechanic.

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